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About Sudan Human Rights Network:
Sudan Human Rights Network (SHRN) a registered entity in Washington D.C. since March 2011. SHRN is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit making, non-governmental organization that is dedicated to building respect for human rights and the rule of law to help ensure the dignity to which everyone is entitled.

SHRN stands with victims and activists to protect people from inhumane conduct. SHRN also investigates and exposes human rights violations and urges to hold human rights perpetrators accountable.

SHRN strives to empower people to realize their unalienable rights, to uphold them by supporting the legislation of laws about human rights, and to seek justice for survivors.

Many SHRN members are currently, or were previously, involved in the formulation and implementation of policies inside and outside Sudan in their capacities as executives, academics, activists, and consultants in national and international organizations. They are now committed to the cause of human rights promotion in Sudan.

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