Press release form the family of Sudanese detainee Bushra Gamar

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Published on: May 7, 2012
Dr. Bushra Gamar Hussain
Dr. Bushra Gamar Hussain

Dear All, 


The Family of Mr. Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma, who has been under arrest by the Sudanese State Security since 25th June 2011, was informed that, Bushra is in a very bad health condition and seriously deteriorating.  Despite, repeated complains and reporting for more than two weeks, the prison authority continues to deny him access to medical care.  The family of Mr. Bushra remains concerned for his safety and health given the fact that he suffers from heart diseases, asthma, and disc prolapsed.

It is to be noted that the attorney general in charge of political and state offenses had already cleared Mr. Bushra on 14th August 2011, but he was not released and was moved instead to the political security cells. On Sunday 22 January 2012, Mr. Bushra has been moved from political security cells to the general attorney custody again, where he is still detained without being interrogated nor, charged.

Mr. Bushra , is Kadugli-based human rights activist of Nuba descent, originally from Talodi, is the Chairperson of a prominent human rights organization (Human Rights and Development Organization – HUDO-) in Kadugli. He went to Khartoum “where he was arrested” in an official mission calling for a humanitarian assistant to South Kordufan state after the latest war in the state.

Please note that we, the family of Bushra Gamar, hope to enlist your support in launching an international campaign to end the arbitrary detention and torture of Bushra and set him free.

Should you need further information or verification, please do not hesitate to contact: Dr Ezzeldin Gamar Hussein Rahma (Brother of Bushra Gamar) @ : +966548455853 or skype: ezzeldin.rahma1


Best Regards

The family of Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma (Dr Ezzeldin Gamar on the behalf of the family)

 May, 7, 2012

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